New PDF release: A Colour Handbook of Urinary Stones in Small Animal Medicine

By Albrecht Hesse, Reto Neiger

The color guide offers with all points of urolithiasis in canine, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs—from aetiology and pathogenesis to analysis, remedy and the prevention of sickness recurrence. The authors introduce the reader to therapy protocols constructed from their very own study and event, and comprise overseas cutting-edge wisdom of the ailment. themes coated within the color guide comprise epidemiology, dangers in better half animal husbandry, species-specific modifications, breed inclinations, genetic reasons, suitable anatomical issues, scientific analysis, stone composition, scientific pathology and therapy protocols. the color instruction manual is a compact, extensive ranging illustrated consultant to facing urinary stones in small animals, of price to veterinarians in education and perform.

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Urinary stones in the ureters can cause the same signs as renal calculi, but they are more commonly associated with renal congestion . With bladder stones but no obstruction, the classic signs of cystitis are present, such as pollakiuria (frequent voiding of small quantities of urine ), dysuria (difficult urination), stranguria (painful urination), and haematuria (discharge of bloody urine ). In cases with a concomitant urinary tract infection, the urine is sometimes also cloudy and foul smelling .

Overweight? (yes/no ). o Location of urinary stone( s) (left/right kidney, left/ right ureter, bladder, urethra). ), drugs for chemolysis (which? ), lithotripsy. •. Method of stone removal (spontaneous , urohydropropulsion, endoscopy, surgery, catheterization) . ,as radiographed for ns pecific vomiting sym ptoms. The stones were "JOt removed, as the dog had - lower urinary tract _ mptoms. The - dd er stones were not :moved. General clinical diagnosis and treatment of urinary stones CLINICAL SIGNS The signs of urolithiasis are primarily related to the location of the stones and can vary from symptom -fre e to an acute emergency.

I deally, ionized calcium is measured, because this gives a more accurate reflection of the actual serum calcium level. Occasionally, hypercalcaemia may result in calcium oxalate sto ne formation. 125 ,126 Possible causes of hypercalcaemia include primary hyperparathyroidism, and tumours such as lymphoma, anal glandular adenocarcinoma (malignancy-induced hypercalcaemia), or bone tumours (osteosarcoma, multiple myeloma). In cats, up to 40% of cases of hypercalcaemia are idiopathic. g . portosystemic shunt.

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