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6 READING AKKADIAN PRAYERS AND HYMNS: AN INTRODUCTION interests and curiosities, religion turns out to be. . ”15 Moreover, such a definition should be held as provisional, a starting point; it should undergo refinement and adjustment as new data are examined, the definition’s limitations explored, and one’s interests and focus change. Given the complexity of human activity in general, a multi-faceted or polythetic definition of religion may be more useful than one that attempts to home in on a single feature or two.

Although one might say that concerns/petitions capture important aspects of the content of prayers and hymns, it would be a mistake to absolutize these as the exclusive content of what is communicated in the texts. What else therefore might a Mesopotamian prayer/hymn generally contain? Although an exhaustive listing is not appropriate here (in some cases, more detail will be presented when various kinds of prayers are introduced), the following are important general elements one will find in the texts.

44 Several examples of both situations can be found under the words magāru (CAD M/1, 38–39), leqû (CAD L, 136–37), and šemû (CAD Š/2, 284–85), among others. 18 READING AKKADIAN PRAYERS AND HYMNS: AN INTRODUCTION of divine response or lack thereof. , instilled good reason for the supplicant to have confidence that positive results had been gained for their petitions, simply by virtue of their being spoken. , Gula 1a, line 28 on page 252). 47 (Of course, this confident expectation clashed sometimes with lived reality and resulted in dashed hopes and deep despair, as we see in Ludlul bēl nēmeqi II 1–48.

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