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By Inderjit, K.M.M. Dakshini, Frank A. Einhellig

ISBN-10: 0841215065

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ISBN-13: 9780841230613

content material: Allelopathy : present prestige and destiny ambitions / Frank A. Einhellig --
Lichen allelopathy : a evaluate / James D. Lawrey --
Overcoming allelopathic progress inhibition by way of micorrhizal inoculation / A.U. Mallik and H. Zhu --
Allelopathic, herbaceous, vascular hydrophytes / Stella D. Elakovich and Jean W. Wooten --
identity of allelochemicals in Eucalyptus citriodora and Polygonum sachalinense / Hiroyuki Nishimura and Junya Mizutani --
Quercetin and quercitrin from Pluchea lanceolata and their influence on development of asparagus bean / Inderjit and K.M.M. Dakshini --
Mechanism of motion of allelochemicals in allelopathy / Frank A. Einhellig --
Allelopathic homes of alkaloids and different common items : attainable modes of motion / M. Wink and B. Latz-Brüning --
the worth of version plant-microbe-soil structures for figuring out tactics linked to allelopathic interplay : one instance / Udo Blum --
Characterization of the mechanisms of allelopathy : modeling and experimental ways / H.H. Cheng --
Plant tension and allelopathy / Chung-Shih Tang, Wei-Fan Cai, Keith Kohl, and Roy ok. Nishimoto --
Chemical verbal exchange among the parasitic weed striga and its crop host : a brand new measurement in allelochemistry / Larry G. Butler --
Allelopathy and self-defense in barley / J.V. Lovett and A.H.C. Hoult --
Tillage and allelopathic facets of the corn-soybean rotation impact / I.C. Anderson and R.M. Cruse --
Intercropping allelopathic plants with nitrogen-fixing legume plants : a tripartite legume symbiosis viewpoint / Robert A. Kluson --
Allelopathy and sustainable agriculture / Chang-Hung Chou --
Allelopathy in Mexican crops : newer stories / A.L. Anaya, B.E. Hernández-Bautista, H.R. Pelayo-Benavides, M. Calera, and E. Fernández-Luiselli --
Allelopathic task of obviously happening compounds from mung beans (Vigna radiata) and their surrounding soil / G.R. Waller, C.S. Cheng, Chang-Hung Chou, D. Kim, C.F. Yang, S.C. Huang, and Y.F. Lin --
capability of hydroxamic acids within the keep an eye on of cereal pests, ailments, and weeds / Hermann M. Niemeyer and Francisco J. Perez --
Fungal antibiosis in biocontrol of plant sickness / A. Di Pietro --
Weed keep an eye on with mycoherbicides and phytotoxins : a nontraditional software of allelopathy / C. Douglas Boyette and Hamed okay. Abbas --
organic keep watch over of plant pathogens by way of antibiotic-producing micro organism / Edna Levy and Shmuel Carmeli --
Allelopathy within the look for normal herbicide types / Francisco A. Macias --
position of secondary metabolites in root ailment suppression / Debbie okay. Fujimoto, David M. Weller, and Linda S. Thomashow --
ordinary items with power use as herbicides / Stephen O. Duke and Hamed okay. Abbas.

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