An integrated course in elementary Japanese vol. 1 - download pdf or read online

By Eri Banno

ISBN-10: 4789009637

ISBN-13: 9784789009638

This can be a regularly occurring textbook for starting eastern masking the 4 uncomplicated abilities - examining, writing, listening and talking. Genki I covers classes 1 to twelve. Japanese/English

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0) 01lef{aishimasu sounds It is heard often when ordering will ha\"e . . " ) . ( . . 0) onegaishimasu can also be used to ask for “abstract objects," such as repairs, explanations, and understanding. (-を ) ど う ぞ 砂 ( •• . 0) doozo is used when an offer is made with respect to item X . 1n the dialogue, the restaurant attendant uses it when she is about to hand the menu to the customer. It may also be used when a person is waiting for you to come forth with item X ; a telephone operator, asking for your name, would probably say Onamae 0 doozo .

Are you an international student? lVIary: Yes. 1 am a student at the University of Arizona. Takeshi: 1 see. What is your major? lVIary: J apanese. 1 am a sophomore now. - こ つ こ っ ごぜ ん ~さ い ~さん b t面 I u a r y ano U町1 . Ima now eego English (language) ee yes gakusee student . go language go) kookoo ex. 1\1. I\L gogo gozen sal . . /Ms. o'clock ex. い ち じ (ichiji) l * �じ a ー=て、 仁ー l • ーや 、ー、ー『、、 �" C ‘bw * あの 0 た ん n ~じん o'clock people jin ) ex. に ほ ん じ ん Cnihon­ Japanese people せんせい 朱 せん も ん sensee teacher; Professor senmon 口laJor 本 そ う です * だいが く でんわ ど も だち なま え ホ な ん/ な に にほん 本 ~ ね んせ い soo desu That's right.

Mearii Tonkatsu? tonkatsu desu. Aa, Sakana desu ka. ウ エー ト レ ス : \. 、L 、 え 、 さ か な じ ゃ あ り ま せん。 に く です。 お い し いです よ 。 じ ゃ あ、 こ れ を お ねがい し ま す。 6 メア リ ー : 5 Ueetoresu lie, sakana ja arimasen. Mearii Jaa, kore め 五" ry 、、 7 をえ ち め あ q メアリー: Mearii 8 onegaishimasu. 0 本 Niku desu. れ すみ ま せん、 お て あ ら い は どこ ですか。 す S u m i masen, ot巴aral wa doko desu ka. ウ エー ト レ ス : あ そ こ です。 ① Ueetoresu Asoko desu. Mary: Excuse me. Ho\\" much is this? Vendor: It is 3,000 yen. Mary: lt's expensive . \Yell then, hO\V much is that watch?

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