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By Sheldon Renan

Written within the 1960's this publication is a complete examine of avant-garde and experimental cinema relationship again to the infancy of the cinema. Names like Stan Brakhage and Jordan Belson who've had a measurable effect on smooth cinema in addition to the extra sensational auteurs like Andy Warhol, Kenneth Anger and Jack Smith are mentioned and evaluated. In our age of video and video discs, a lot of the ebook turns out dated however the chronicling of the evolution of recent procedure and thematic fabric is thorough and interesting. the various discoveries of those pioneers are general methods in today's cinema.
Renan's booklet on underground movie is a vintage "introduction" to the yank avant garde. good things on Brakhage, was once most likely a gem in its day. name sums it up, simply brief "blurbs" on a few beautiful now vague filmmakers... a pleasant spouse.

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