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By Nevin B. Scrimshaw, James Vogel (auth.)

ISBN-10: 1489967877

ISBN-13: 9781489967879

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ISBN-13: 9781489967893

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The GOSUB command we have used is essentially the GOTO command with a special feature attached. , GOSUB 19 means go to the subroutine beginning at Line 19). The special feature involves the RETURN command at the end of the subroutine. The computer automatically returns to the next line after the GOSUB statement that sent it to the subroutine in the first place. Thus, you can use GOSUB to call the same subroutine from different parts of a long program, and the computer will always come back to the right line to continue the program.

This convenient key combination will get you back to normal without erasing the program. Be careful to get POKE numbers right! You have just changed the organizational structure of memory so that the computer lost track of which addresses contained which information - it lost track of the keyboard characters. This ability to move video memory is an advanced feature of your 64 (which will not be used in this book). The VIC II chip is so versatile that this book can't hope to cover all of its features; we will concentrate on using sprites.

We will return to and expand this program in Chapter 8. scrimshaw POKE 53280,11 : POKE 53281,0 16 GOTO 150 19 REM *** PICK POINT *** 20 LET CP = INT(RND(l)*I000) 35 RETURN 49 REM *** SET LETTER *** 50 GOSUB 20 = INT(RND(l)*26) + 1 70 LET W = CP 60 LET A 80 POKE CP + 1024,A 90 POKE CP + 55296,3 95 RETURN 99 REM *** GET CURSOR *** 100 GOSUB 20 110 POKE CP + 1024,83 120 POKE CP + 55296,1 125 RETURN 149 REM ******** MAIN LOGIC UNIT** 150 PRINT " ~" : REM *** CLEAR SCREEN 160 GOSUB 50 170 GOSUB 100 180 LET SC = TI 190 GET A$ : IF A$ = "" 200 LET CD = ASC(A$) 204 POKE CP + 55296,9 210 IF CD = THEN 190 29 THEN CP = CP+ 1 27 = 157 THEN CP = CP-l 230 IF CD = 145 THEN CP = CP-40 240 IF CD = 17 THEN CP = CP+40 220 IF CD 250 IF CP <0 OR CP> HJOO THEN CP 260 IF CP = 1 = W THEN 300 270 GOSUB 110 280 GOTO 190 299 REM *** KEEP SCORE *** 300 PRINT "YOU TOOK ";(TI - SC)/60;" SECONDS" 310 AT = AT+(TI-SC) : TRIES = TRIES + 1 320 PRINT "YOUR A VERAGE IS ";(AT/60)/TRIES;" SECONDS" 330 FOR I = 1 TO 1500 : NEXT I 333 GOTO 150 28 "One night I was asleep and dreamed that I was awake, then I woke and realized that it was just a dream ....

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