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By Liz Welsh

ISBN-10: 1405186739

ISBN-13: 9781405186735

Normal veterinary collections from libraries to practising vet references will locate Liz Welsh does a superb modifying task in ANAESTHESIA FOR VETERINARY NURSES, a survey written in particular for veterinary nurses by means of veterinary nurses and surgeons. assurance of the variety of physiological and pharmacological points of anesthesia were absolutely up to date and mirror the most recent alterations to veterinary nursing.

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Where an animal suffers from acidaemia or alkalaemia, the hydrogen ion concentration will have changed. One way that the body can rectify this is by altering the amount of carbon dioxide in the body. g. due to diabetes mellitus) the hydrogen ion concentration will have increased. Carbon dioxide can be combined with water to produce carbonic acid and so bicarbonate and hydrogen ions. This reaction can be reversed to remove hydrogen ions and produce carbon dioxide. If the animal is acidaemic, hydrogen ions are removed from the circulation with the result that more carbon dioxide is produced.

The renal portal system is a blood drainage system whereby the blood from the caudal limbs and tail may be passed through the renal parenchyma before returning to the heart. This pattern of blood flow may not occur at all times, but the fact that it occurs at all should 38 Anaesthesia for Veterinary Nurses make the operator wary of administering any nephrotoxic drug into the caudal half of a reptile’s body. In addition, anaesthetic agents excreted by the renal route may be discharged from the body before they have had a chance to work.

The risk of anaesthesia-related deaths is increased in ill patients and it is valuable to implement the ASA (American Society of Anesthesiologists) classification scheme (as detailed in the box) in order to identify higher-risk individuals. g. 1 Components of assessment. ASA (AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ANESTHESIOLOGISTS) CLASSIFICATION SCHEME I II III IV V E Healthy patient Mild systemic disease; no functional limitation Severe systemic disease; definite functional limitation Severe systemic disease that is a constant threat to life Moribund patient unlikely to survive 24 hours with or without surgery Added to the above classification if the patient is presented on an emergency basis; denotes additional risk inherent in rushing into a procedure HISTORY A standard approach to recording a medical history is essential to ensure that important factors are not missed.

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