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By David Knights, Darren McCabe

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He let her believe that he was a person from much the same stratum as herself. (Fitzgerald [1925] 1986: 148–9) The romance is interrupted by World War I and while Gatsby is away fighting, Daisy, under pressure from her family, makes the correct marriage to the immensely wealthy Tom Buchanan. e. selling liquor illegally during the Prohibition years), Gatsby reappears having attained fabulous wealth during America’s ‘Jazz Age’. From a luxurious mansion he throws equally luxurious parties ‘where he dispensed starlight to casual moths’ (p.

At the level of the state, there was a congruence between these processes of individualization and Thatcher’s concern to dismantle anything that presented a barrier to individualism including the welfare state, nationalized industries, trade unions and council housing. It cannot be argued that Thatcher orchestrated the processes of individualization for, as we have argued throughout this chapter, they have long since taken root as a disciplinary mechanism independent of government. But what we are arguing is that Thatcherism complemented and reinforced the processes of individualization.

In a society that celebrates only those that ‘stand out’ or are more successful than the rest, prima donna power and privilege must by definition be limited to the few. For us, the American Dream is fundamentally flawed in so far as it depends on the celebration of individualistic competition that requires there to be failures with which to contrast the successful. Moreover, while seeking to unite people around the common goal of the pursuit of wealth, this ruthless individualism can be highly destructive of communities and social integration (Durkheim [1933] 1947), as has recently been lamented in Robert Putnam’s (1995, 2000) thesis about the decline of ‘social capital’ in America as a result of the irreversible growth in individualism.

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